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University at Buffalo

List of Exhibits
PASI's Excellent Adventure: the LHC decoded
First Floor
Welcome Kiosk
Tachyonic Antitelephone
Foucault Pendulum
Second Floor
Atom Corral
Cosmic Rays
Electric Circuit
Historic Instruments
Wonder Room: Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions
Third Floor
Particle Physics
Camera Obscura
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The Foucault Pendulum of the Physics and Arts Exhibition extends over three floors. The Pendulum maintains its swing through a sophisticated laser driver mechanism. The driver mechanism/circuit is based on the one at the University of Louisville. For a detailed description see the Foucault Pendulum at the University of Louisville. Next to the Foucault Pendulum is an interactive model.

Interactive Model Demos:
Foucault Demo | Pendulum at North Pole | Pendulum at Buffalo Latitude
Poster | Pendulum at Equator | Pendulum at North Pole and Buffalo

To take part in a self-guided tour for the Foucault Pendulum and Driver Mechanism dial 1-888-744-0529, then 11 or 17, respectively.

Here are some interesting links regarding the Foucault Pendulum
and the principles behind it:

The Foucault Pendulum

Rotational-vibrational coupling

Oceanography and Meteorology: Inertial Oscillation

Foucault Pendulum Bottom View
Click on photo for slideshow

Click on photo for slideshow