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Physics and Arts Exhibition
University at Buffalo Physics Department
Fronczak Hall
University at Buffalo

List of Exhibits
PASI's Excellent Adventure: the LHC decoded
First Floor
Welcome Kiosk
Tachyonic Antitelephone
Foucault Pendulum
Second Floor
Atom Corral
Cosmic Rays
Electric Circuit
Historic Instruments
Wonder Room: Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions
Third Floor
Particle Physics
Camera Obscura
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This permanent exhibition invites the general public to experience the concepts of Physics in a non-intimidating, artistic setting. The omnipresence of Physics in our everyday lives is showcased and its relevance to essentially all other sciences and modern technologies is highlighted.

Included in the exhibition are interactive physics demonstrations, computer simulations, and experiments that will convey the fascination of physics to the general public and the UB community.

In April 2010 we added a number of new installations involving the construction of a series of unique sculptures and artistic graphics intended to both instruct and convey a sense of the excitement that physics offers as an intellectual endeavor. The realization of these new additions to the Physics and Arts Exhibit was made possible by the Robert and Carol Morris Fund for Artistic Expression and Performing Arts and by the continued support of the Department's alumni and friends.

The Physics and Arts Summer Institute (PASI) brings high school students from area schools together to create new pieces for the exibition. These students participate in an intensive learning program that ventures to the frontier of 21st Century Physics and the fascinating world of subatomic particles.

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