Donations to the Department of Physics

As is the case at many public universities, the state portion of the operating budget has shrunk substantially over the years. At UB, this portion is now only about one-third of the total budget. Thus, private donations, either restricted or unrestricted, have become the margin which distinguishes outstanding departments from good departments. The Physics Department has grown by 50 percent over the last few years. We have received a number of donations and endowments from friends and alumni in support of our academic mission. Some of these are listed below. We seek additional contributions to either enhance our existing endowments or other targeted contributions as the donor prefers.

Donations to any existing accounts can be made online by clicking on the appropriate endowment and filling out the secure donation form. Alternatively, donations can be made by mail as indicated below. Donors who are interested in establishing targeted endowments are encouraged to contact us to discuss these possibilities. Please scroll down or click on the above links for more information about each fund.

Physics Excellence Endowment    
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The Physics Excellence Endowment is of paramount importance in achieving overall excellence in the broad mission of the Physics Department. These expendable, undesignated funds support recruitment of outstanding graduate and undergraduate students, outreach efforts to the community, upper level experimental laboratories, undergraduate research projects, and activities of The Society for Physics Students. In addition, the Physics Excellence Endowment funds provide partial support for the Department's colloquium and seminars series, and for the tangible recognition of our outstanding faculty and students.

Frank B. Silvestro Endowment Fund     Make a contribution

This endowment, established in 2000, and funded by donations of Mr. Frank Silvestro, BA 1962, MA 1968 is used to support physics students who show academic promise and demonstrate financial need. Currently, the available endowment funds are used for the support of graduate students.

Physics International Graduate Student Assistance Fund     Make a contribution

Established in January 2010 by Dean Bruce D. McCombe, College Arts and Sciences, to provide support for critical financial assistance to international graduate students in the Department of Physics, with a preference given to Asian students and 1st year Ph.D. candidates, at the University at Buffalo.

Dr. Stanley T. Sekula Memorial Scholarship Fund     Make a contribution

This endowment, established in 1990 by Mrs. Anne H. Sekula, honors the memory of Dr. Stanley T. Sekula, BA 1951. The endowment income is used to recognize outstanding undergraduates who show academic promise and demonstrate financial need.

Moti Lal Rustgi Professorship in Physics     Make a contribution

The Professorship was endowed by the Rustgi family in 2006 to honor and remember our former colleague Professor Moti Lal Rustgi. The endowment provides support for the Rustgi Professor, a title held by one of the Department's tenured professors, currently Professor Athos Petrou. Income from the endowment supports research and other scholarly pursuits.

Moti Lal Rustgi Memorial Lectureship Fund     Make a contribution

Endowment for this lectureship was established in 1993 by the Rustgi family and friends in remembrance of our former colleague Professor Moti Lal Rustgi. The lecture is given annually by distinguished researchers in a broad area of physics research.

Ta-You Wu Lectureship Fund     Make a contribution

An endowment has been established in remembrance of our former colleague Professor Ta-You Wu. He was a member of our Department from 1966 to 1978. He served as chairman from 1966 to 1969. The lectureship is being supported by former colleagues, friends, and students who wish to remember the strong influence Professor Wu had on their careers and lives.

John Ho and Martha Leung Scholarship Fund     Make a contribution

John Ho and Martha Leung Scholarship was established in 2015 with a generous endowment by our colleague Professor John Ho and his wife Dr. Martha Leung. The Scholarship aims at providing support to physics graduate students in their academic pursuits. At present the scholarship is used to recognize academic achievement of early-career graduate students, particularly those who come to UB unsupported.

Physics and Arts Exhibition Fund     Make a contribution

The Physics and Arts Exhibition opened on May 5th, 2006. It was made possible through the contribution of many of our alumni. This Exhibition is a permanent installation in Fronczak Hall. It involves a series of displays, many interactive. The displays have added a welcoming atmosphere to the building and have provided the multitude of students who frequent the building with a quick graphical exposure to physics. This has been, and will continue to be, an excellent source for University and community outreach. The Exhibition involves a unique presentation of physics at interactive, conceptual and artistic, and historical levels. Donations to this Exhibit will support the continued evolution, development, and upgrade of the Exhibition.

Physics Department Resource Fund     Make a contribution

The Resource fund is not an endowment fund. Contributions to this fund are available immediately to the Department less a minimum of five percent deduction by the UB Foundation. These funds from our donors are used to give partial support to activities such as graduation receptions for our physics majors, welcoming picnic for new graduate students, activities of the undergraduate Society of Physics Students, awards for our outstanding TA's, and other needs.

Donating by Mail, or Establishing a new Endowment

If you are interested in donating by mail, or establishing a new endowment please use the following address:

Ms. Nicole Pannullo
Physics Department
University at Buffalo
239 Fronczak Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-1500

Make your check payable to the University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc. and on your check in the memo line please indicate the specific fund to which you want to donate. If you have any questions about the endowments or about donating either electronically or by mail, please contact Ms. Nicole Pannullo at: