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My research efforts in recent years has mainly been involved in getting information on past climates and climate change. As a principle investigator in NSF=s Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2) initiative, I developed Laser-Light Scattering (LLS) techniques to measure the dust profile along the length of the 3000+ m long GISP2 ice core that was retrieved from central Greenland. Since the dust in the ice is believed to be representative of past atmospheric dust burdens, our measurements reflect how past atmospheric dust burdens changed over the parst 100,000+ years. This information is of critical importance in climate modelling since atmospheric dust can absorb and scatter solar energy and can, thus, modify the earth=s albedo. Since it is known that dust concentration in the core varies seasonally with maxima occuring every spring/summer, our work has been of critical importance in dating the GISP2 ice core. In addition, our work is yielding important information on violent dust storms that seem to have been prevalent during cold glacial times. Also, we observed that the dust concentration along the ice core was modulated with an -11 year period which we attribute to the solar cycle. These 11 year modulations occur throughout the core and we observe them all the way back to 100,000 years BP.

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