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Piyare L. Jain


Experimental Elementary Particle and Relativistic Heavy-Ion Physics

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Strong, Electromagnetic and Weak interactions are studied at high energy in pion-nucleon, nucleon-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions. Study of quark-gluon plasma by using heavy-ion beams from CERN Geneva (Switzerland) and from Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island (NY) in nuclear emulsion. For this research work we have more than half a dozen good microscopes including Leitz Ortholux, Bausch and Lomb microscopes equipped with Brower Stage, Cook's scattering microscope, three Koristka scattering microscopes which are being used to study the scattering of very high energy particles, Leitz UMW-II large scattering microscope with digital readout for x, y motion with an accuracy of 0.1 mm and an optical projectile rotary stage with 360 degrees rotation.

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