Dr. Hao Zeng

Photo of Professor Hao Zeng  

Professor, Ph.D. University of Nebraska (2001)

Office: 225 Fronczak Hall,  (716) 645-2946
Lab: 210 Fronczak Hall,  (716) 645-2704
Email: haozeng@buffalo.edu

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  Ph.D. -- University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2001)
M.S. -- University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1998)
B.S. -- Nanjing University, China (1993)

Research Interests

  • Nanoscale magnetism
  • Spin dependent charge transport in nanostructures
  • Synthesis of nanoscale materials including nanoparticles and nanowires
  • Multi-component hybrid materials and multi-functional self-assembly
  • Bio-sensors and smart bio-markers


Selected Publications

1. W.L. Shi, H. Zeng, Y. Sahoo, T. Ohulchanskyy, Y. Ding, Z.L. Wang, M. Swihart and P.N. Prasad, “A General Approach to Binary and Ternary Hybrid Nanocrystals,” Nano Lett., 6, 875 (2006).
2. H. Zeng, C.T. Black, R.L. Sandstrom, P.M. Rice, C.B Murray and S. Sun, “Magnetotransport of magnetite nanoparticle arrays,” Phys. Rev. B. 73, 020402(R) (2006).
3. H. Zeng, P. M. Rice, S. X. Wang et al., "Shape-controlled synthesis and shape-induced texture of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles," J Am Chem Soc 126 (37), 11458-11459 (2004).
4. H. Zeng, J. Li, Z. L. Wang et al., "Bimagnetic core/shell FePt/Fe3O4 nanoparticles," Nano Lett 4 (1), 187-190 (2004).
5. L. Krusin-Elbaum, D. M. Newns, H. Zeng et al., "Room-temperature ferromagnetic nanotubes controlled by electron or hole doping," Nature 431 (7009), 672-676 (2004).
6. H. Zeng, J. Li, J. P. Liu et al., "Exchange-coupled nanocomposite magnets by nanoparticle self-assembly," Nature 420 (6914), 395-398 (2002).