Dr. Athos Petrou

Photo of Professor Athos Petrou  

UB Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Purdue Univ. (1983)

Office: 327 Fronczak,  (716) 645-6183
Lab: 315, 317, 319, 320, 321 Fronczak,  (716) 645-6085
Email: petrou@buffalo.edu
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  Ph.D. -- Purdue University (1983)
M.S. -- Purdue University (1979)
B.S. -- University of Athens (1976)

Research Interests

  • Spin Injection in ZnMnSe/AlGaAs(n)/GaAs/AlGaAs(p) spin-LEDs
  • Spin Injection in Fe/AlGaAs(n)/GaAs/AlGaAs(p) spin-LEDs

  Current research effort focuses on the study of electrical spin injection in spintronic devices. A variety of optical techniques in the visible and near-infrared are used: reflectivity, absorption, photoluminescence and electroluminescence spectroscopies. The experiments are carried out at liquid helium temperatures in magnetic fields up to 8 Tesla. The spin injection efficiency is determined from the optical spectra and the various spin-flip mechanisms are investigated.

Selected Publications

  1. "Electrical spin injection from an n-type ferromagnetic semiconductor into a III-V device heterostructure", G. Kioseoglou, A.T. Hanbicki, J.M. Sullivan, O.M.J van't Erve, C.H. Li, S.C. Erwin, R. Mallory, M. Yasar, A. Petrou, and B.T. Jonker, Nature Materials, 3, 799-803, (2004).
  2. "Reduction of spin injection efficiency by interface defect spin scattering in ZnMnSe/AlGaAs- GaAs spin-polarized light-emitting diodes", R.M. Stroud, A.T.Hanbicki, Y.D.Park, G.Kioseoglou, A.G. Petuchov, B.T.Jonker, G.Itskos, and A.Petrou, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 166602-1 (2002).
  3. "Efficient electrical spin injection from a magnetic metal/tunnel barrier contact into a semiconductor", A.T. Hanbicki, B.T. Jonker, G. Itskos, G. Kioseoglou, and A.Petrou, Appl. Phys. Lett. 80, 1240 (2002).
  4. "Robust electrical spin injection into a semiconductor heterostructure", B.T.Jonker, Y.D.Park, B.R.Bennett, H.D.Cheong, G.Kioseoglou, and A.Petrou, Phys. Rev. B62, 8180 (2000),
  5. "Magnetoluminescence study of n-type modulation doped ZnSe/ZnCdSe quantum well structures", G. Kioseoglou, J. Haetty, H. C. Chang, H. Luo, A. Petrou, T. Schmiedel, and P. Hawrylak, Phys. Rev. B 55:4628 (1997).
  6. "Metastable excitons in ZnSe/ZnFeSe quantum wells", W. Y. Yu, S. Stoltz, A. Petrou, J. Warnock, and B. T. Jonker, Phys. Rev. B 56:6862 (1997).

Outreach 2007 (Funded by NSF/ECS 0524403)

Outreach 2010 (Funded by NSF/ECCS 0824220)

Outreach 2015 (Funded by NSF/DMR-1305770)