The international symposium on Quantum Fluids and Solids QFS2015 will be held in the Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY, USA. The scientific sessions will start on August 10th and end at noon on August 15th. This conference continues in the long-standing tradition of such conferences from 1975 being held two out of every three years -- the most recent symposium held in 2013 at Matsue Japan.

Topics of Interest:
  • Liquid and Solid 4He, 3He, 3He-4He Mixtures, Hydrogen
  • Trapped Atomic Gases
  • QFS Topics in Magnetism and Superconductivity
  • Strongly Correlated Condensed Systems
  • Condensed Matter Systems at Quantum Limit
  • QFS Model Systems in Cosmology, Hydrodynamics and HEP
  • Novel Experimental Techniques Developed at Low Temperatures

This conference will be followed on the 15th and 16th with free tutorial lectures targeting students and young researchers. In addition, the conference on Recent Progress in Many Body Theory will be held from the 17th to the 21st. Attendees with overlapping interests should consult the scientific programs of these conferences.

Link to the Map of the Conference Center